The GOP Has Troubles With Reality

Mike Stark has turned his talent for ambush journalism to Republican Congressmen. He asked them if they personally believed that Barack Obama is legally entitled to be President of the United States. Almost none of them would affirm this belief on camera. Watch Birthers on the Hill and be amazed, disgusted, or worried, depending on your emotional fortitude.

Incidentally, anyone who is unaware of the literal incoherence of the Birther arguments need look no further than this appearance of Birther spokesperson, right-wing radio host, and former Watergate conspirator and felon G. Gordon Liddy on Hardball:

Chris Matthews's best move here wasn't confronting Liddy with documentary evidence he is wrong — mere documents failed to move him, as they failed to move so many of the crazies in the Birther cult — but rather his spinning the Birther view to its logical conclusion: If, as they argue, President Obama was born abroad, not only is he ineligible to be President as he's not a 'natural born citizen' but the President is an illegal alien who should be deported since he's never been naturalized and doesn't have a visa. Liddy swallowed that, but this is so crazy that it's going to turn the press — except maybe Lou Dobbs who conceivably might lose his job over this — against them.

Note also that Liddy's reference to a “deposition” is a fiction — the actual source of this canard is a mistranslation in an interview.

More here and here if you need it.

Back when I lived in England, both sherry-drinking and beer-drinking intellectuals in the UK used to deride the British Tory part as “the stupid party”. Today British intellectuals boast that whatever their Tories may be, they're not as crazy as the US Republican party. They don't give people with burglary convictions radio shows in the UK either.

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8 Responses to The GOP Has Troubles With Reality

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Lived in England, you say? Care to produce any documentation that you are here legally?

  2. King of Cats says:

    Short version of this post: Let’s pretend that everyone on the left is perfectly sane (i.e. ignore Now let’s pretend everyone on the right is crazy. Hilarity ensues! Oh and by the way, did I mention that I am very special because I lived in England and rubbed elbows with “intellectuals”?

  3. Chuck says:

    Do a google search for

    Shatner Poem Palin

    and go to the youtube entry at the top and watch William Shatner read the beginning of Palin’s speech as a poem on Conan O’Brien Show.
    LM… Laugh My.. etc..

  4. I can’t believe I wasted 3 minutes on this that I’ll never get back. This is even a question? Why don’t they say he’s an alien sent to establish a new world order?

    Oh wait… they did.

    Congratulations America, at a time when you should be pulling together to rebuild a country shattered by hateful greed mongers you instead act so stupid and blind to reason that you make the Internet look credible.

    Whoever sells tinfoil hats must be doing a roaring business.

  5. Matt Lister says:

    King of Cats- I’ve not spent a lot of time looking at “truthers” (and why would I? I think most are clearly nuts), but doesn’t it seem a bit different that there are no prominent Democratic officials among their supporters? Do you think any Democratic officials would take this shameful “well, I don’t know, there might be something to it” approach to the truther view? The answer, of course, is “no”. So, the cases are really not that similar. Additionally, while the wikipedia article says that some supporters are “liberals” I think that’s a mistake- the left supporters are mostly far-left types who have no support in the Democratic party and usually actively oppose it. But the majority seem to be hard-core libertarian types and John Birch type groups, people who think _Bush_ was too liberal. So again, the cases are not really comparable at all.

  6. Troll says:

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  7. Troll says:

    You can never stop me you bow tie wearing freak. for those who can not do,. teach

  8. gcbron says:

    The Republican Party is adding more fuel to the statement that they are the party of the “uneducated”.

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