Laptop Search (cont): Dell E4200?

So, with the help of a colleague's email, I figured out which Dells I should be looking at: the E4200 and E4300. The reviews of the E4300 don't make it look that good; the E4200 gets a better press, although most of it in more general circulation magazines than in the sort of fanatic's web page I tend to trust.

The E4200 with most of the trimmings — said to have many internal components in common with the Lenovo X200 (not X200s), although a somewhat inferior casing — is a 12” laptop with decent battery life, a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ULV SU9400. Despite the low-power chip, the Dell has a better benchmark (PCMark Vantage 3582) than the Lenovo X301 (1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, PCMark Vantage is 3157) although I worry the test may have been affected by using a new SSD. The Dell apparently weighs under 3lbs even with a six-cell battery (2.2 lbs with the 4-cell; Dell is annoyingly coy about about the weight with the six-cell version.) There are fewer ports than the Lenovos, but probably enough for my needs.

Prices for new ones are outrageous — I just configured one for $2335 which is more than the better, if heavier, Lenovo. A similar E4200 is available refurbed for just over $1300 with external DVD, which is notably less than the Lenovos.

This is probably the closest thing to a modernized Inspiron 300m. Is that what I want? The refurbs are mostly black, but there's also a red one.

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  1. Everything seems excellent with this latest Dell laptop,
    i have one concern about it’s battery as we have seen many
    time in past that it’s battery got exploded …. has Dell
    taken some initiatives to erase this problem?
    else is fine i would love to buy this one.

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