I wrote “previously” that my laptop search is now in the decision phase.

Make that “the indecision phase.”

I will certainly delay until I get home next week.

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  1. Rhodo Zeb says:

    In barely-related news, I recently created a new virtual XP world with Virtualbox, and without too much trouble, made it totally integrated with my 8.04 host environment. Files, clipboard, network, sound, webcam, everything works, and I did the installation from scratch, i.e. including a re-install of the VBox packages.

    However, I then had a geek attack and upgraded to 9.04 with a fresh install, which is much better but still a bit of a pain because some applications have not kept up (talkin to you, vlc player). But lots of buggy things from 8.04 have been improved, and the process is so very smooth now. (I started out with an older version because I preferred stability and documentation over new and cool. Now things have changed.)

    So I haven’t finished the complete integration on the new XP environment I just made, but so far, no problems. Will report back.

    And I shouldn’t fail to mention that I actually have a dual-boot machine, so I have my choice of windows environments. When I have any trouble with Ubuntu, the XP install is right there, and that is nice in the beginning. All my files are on another partition and therefore always accessible to either environment. The secret here is make the Windows install first and then use the Ubuntu live disc to make the partitions, leaving the windows install at the very beginning of the drive, and importing the boot data of the XP install.

    This way Grub will recognize the install, and a later Ubuntu re-install will not affect anything adversely (which may not be true for the XP side, I haven’t ever tried). For me, I only give my XP partition 15 gigs of room, and that is way generous. It is a safety valve only. The linux side is only 25, and another partition holds all my docs.

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