A Working Vacation

After a couple of stops along the way, we reached our vacation destination, a rented abode where we plan to stay for four weeks, a period that will include a significant wedding anniversary.

It's not all beer and skittles (“what,” I hear Tom Lehrer saying, “is a skittle anyway?”): we brought a considerable amount of work with us. The theory is that pleasant and cooler surroundings, the absence of distractions, will be conducive, and we can reward ourselves with walks and the occasional adventure. We'll see.

I do hope to have a few things to say about law teaching in a week or two, once I get done writing my early-term lectures. And after the shock of relaxation works off, I may get back to firehose newsreading. But meanwhile, I'm sitting out the issues of the day such as whether progressives manage to block the supplemental war appropriation for its failure to include an Iraq withdrawal timetable and the Obama administration's continuing flight from transparency.

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  1. john_doe_isolationist says:

    Dear michael-
    I know you are on vacation but I really need some advice. I have some friends who are recent immigrants from Iran. They are very much opposed to Ahmedinijad (sp?), and have asked me to support their cause by making donations to groups promoting reform in Iran, and also by sharing their story and views with my friends. I am confused what to do.

    I love Obama, and his election made me proud to be an American for the first time in my life. His approach to the Iranian situation is that the US should act concerned but not get involved. If I act otherwise, by actually doing something to help my friends, does that make me un-American? I don’t want to do anything un-American. And I don’t even want to be called un-American by appearing to disagree with the great man, Obama.

    So for now I told my friends that they need to solve their own problems, that I have no intention of helping them, but I told them that I am very “concerned” and that I hoped everything works out best for them. Did I do the right thing?

    What should I do michael, I really need your advice here.

    John Doe Isolationist

  2. michael says:

    My advice is as follows: find another site to troll.

  3. Jim Fleming says:

    Vacation Suggestions:

    Think about “slow moving packets”, each with 1/2 meg of data/image/video/etc.

    And note that 15 “hops” for a $1 slow-moving packet, is a lot of hops.

    [Note: That is only a 48 character key, the IPv16 keys are 80 characters (480 bits)]

    You enter a $1 bill and find out the data in the Global.ROM linked to it.

    Will countries try to change the contents of the ROM so that an 80-character .BLOG pointer becomes less useful ?

    Will people ask that the original contents be “refreshed” to see if a change has been made ?

    Where is the “original” contents ?

  4. john_doe_isolationist says:

    Thanks michael, that was the advice I needed to hear. I think you’re telling me exactly what Obama is telling the opposition in Iran. I feel good knowing I’m doing the right thing now by standing on the sidelines.

    I feel so proud to be an American, and knowing that I am right. I love Obama.
    Thanks again,
    John Doe Isolationist

  5. joel hanes says:

    what are skittles

    skittles is a traditional tavern game of ninepins, ususally with wooden ball and pins.

  6. LACJ says:

    I also remember Lehrer from my youth. Wonderful singer.

  7. web hosting says:

    Working whilst on holiday, you work too much! Try and find some time to ‘chillax’ (all the cool kids are saying it these days). I enjoyed a good game of skittles at the pub this weekend, sunshine beer and skittles – does it get any better?! Enjoy your occasional adventure! – Simon

  8. michael says:

    The Vacation Location is a good beer town. Even the little place down the road has good IPA on draft.

  9. Hope you have a great anniversary and remember to enjoy the vacation with all that work, the scenery does sound nice, a photo or two would be nice if you get the chance and are that way inclined.

    Oh, and the IPA sounds great!

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