Another First

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG reports on another small first:

Last month, when first officer Stephanie Grant of Atlantic Southeast Airlines got the call to replace the co-pilot scheduled to crew Flight No. 5202 from Atlanta to Nashville, she didn't realize she and the rest of the crew were about to make history.

But Grant, along with Capt. Rachelle Jones, both members of the Airline Pilots (ALPA), and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers, both members of AFA-CWA, became the first all-female, all African American crew to operate a commercial flight.

Someday, perhaps, we'll run out of these.

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One Response to Another First

  1. Chuck says:

    There will always be “First’s”
    We’ll get to see the First:
    All green card Indian crew,
    All LGBT crew,
    All Female crew,
    All Male under 25 but over 23 with blond hair crew,
    … People like patterns.
    … Newspapers have to fill space.
    … Grandma’s wanna know trivia.

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