Congress Moves to Rescue Law Schools

I know that a number of Deans, Law School admissions directors and even professors have been worrying about a possible slump in the future demand for legal education if and when it appears that law firms are more interested in firing than hiring associates. Well, no fear, I read that Congress is coming to the rescue: Year Of Law School Now Mandatory For Nation's 25-Year-Olds :

Under the provisions of a bill approved by Congress and signed into law Tuesday, every 25-year-old American, regardless of prior life commitments, is now legally obligated to enroll in a full year of study at one of the nation's accredited law schools.

Yes, it's only The Onion – America's Finest News Source, but that doesn't mean its a bad idea. Also many Onion headlines about the Bush administration turned out to be true a few years later, so why not this one?

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  1. Randy Paul says:

    Can we skip the first two years and start as a 3L student.

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