Solutions Finding Their Problem

If we can get Congress and the electorate into a mind-set that says what the economy needs is stimulus of the electroshock variety, then all sorts of things become possible.

Here's one idea that has been floating around for years, whose time has come: Cash for clunkers.

The garbage can model of public choice decision-making describes organizations as places with 'solutions looking for problems'. I expect we might see lots of this sort of thing — and that's on the whole a good thing.

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One Response to Solutions Finding Their Problem

  1. Randon says:

    Your suggestions are, at best, quaint. Henceforth, please adhere to the following guide for any and all environmental policy “suggestions”:

    You would do well to remember that the Party favors “Change”, not “choice.” “Choice(s)” imply assumption of responsibility for poor choices, which of course the Party does not support. Choice is an antiquated economic concept, incompatible with Change(tm). Changes overseen by the Mighty O are by definition Perfect. Choices by the masses cause great evil in the world.

    Your errors, intentional or not, are further proof that the Fairness Doctrine must be implemented to stop the spread of erroneous ideas. The Party assumes a servant of your experience requires no further reprimand, aside from the reminder to carefully study before authoring further posts.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

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