David Sirota Thinks The Media Is Doing a ‘Brainwash’

David Sirota, Shaking off the brainwash – The Denver Post

If you're having trouble remembering what the recent election was all about, rest easy: You're likely experiencing the momentary effects of brainwashing.

For weeks, your television, newspaper and radio have been telling you America is a “center-right nation” that elected Barack Obama to crush his fellow “socialist” hippies, discard the agenda he campaigned on, and meet the policy demands of electorally humiliated Republicans.

This is the usual post-election nonsense from the Braindead Megaphone, as author George Saunders famously calls our political and media noise machine. When George W. Bush wins by 3 million votes, the megaphone blares announcements about a conservative mandate that Democrats must respect. When Obama wins by twice as much, the same megaphone roars about Democrats having no mandate to do anything other than appease conservatives.

I do own a TV now, but I don't ever watch the TV news; and since the election haven't watched the commentators. Sounds like I'm not missing much?

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One Response to David Sirota Thinks The Media Is Doing a ‘Brainwash’

  1. Randon says:

    michael, if you wish to better serve the Party, you should intensely study Sirota’s techniques.

    Note that he writes:
    “According to a post-election poll by the Campaign for America’s Future, 70 percent of Americans say they want conservatives to help this progressive president enact his decidedly progressive agenda.”

    Note the subtle genius. First, Sirota quotes a CAF (a progressive group) poll when he could not find a legitimate mainstream poll to support the Party’s message. Second, Sirota simply assumes that 70% of Americans understand the definition “progressive agenda.” If he questioned that fact, his enlightened writing might lose some of its “zing.” Most importantly, note that Sirota completely ignores the fact that the ignorant plebeians in two states voted resoundingly against gay marriage. The Party also feels it is convenient to avoid mentioning this, and especially the polls that show minorities were more in favor of traditional marriage than whites, with 70% of blacks in favor of traditional marriage. By ignoring facts and distorting reality, Sirota has aided the Party tremendously in its efforts to manipulate the masses to our ends. Again, study his techniques carefully.

    We the Party must convince the masses that although they do not know it, in their hearts they share our progressive vision of oneness with the Party. We the Party must counteract and smear any misguided pundits who would advance the notion that anti-Bush sentiment had anything whatsoever to do with the outcome of the election. Throughout the entire campaign, The Mighty O never once compared himself to Bush, never once accused Bush of failure, never once acknowledged anti-republican sentiment. Instead, the Mighty O in his greatness won the election entirely by extolling his own virtues and most importantly his vast experience of creating harmony and bliss throughout the land. The people must love the Mighty O, his words, his ideas. All blasphemers require re-education.

    Mr. Sirota has done an excellent job of advancing the message of the Party. If you are entertaining similar aspirations to become an opinion writer of such renown, you would do well to ape him. Do not let the 2008 New York Times description of him as a “populist rabble rouser” discourage you. The Party and the Mighty O will reward your efforts.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

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