More on the Cheney/Gonzales Indictment

Political Animal says the indictment is a result of fairly crass local politics, and thus suggests it isn't serious stuff.

But you can decide for yourself, as I've just been sent a copy of the indictment. I haven't had a chance to read it myself; comments very welcome.

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8 Responses to More on the Cheney/Gonzales Indictment

  1. Randon says:

    The Mighty O wishes to remind you not to allow the rabble to comment until you have first given your Official opinion.

    The Party recognizes that there are dots to be connected here. You must connect those dots for your readers, otherwise they will become confused and not understand and say that the charges are irrational and the product of a Jack Thompson-esque loon. You must tell them this is not so, that the charges are legitimate and the political enemies of the Party must be punished for their wrongdoing. You must remind them that Change(tm) is necessary.

    I suggest you do this, lest the Mighty O become displeased with you.

    All Hail the O!

  2. Joe1 says:

    The Cheney indictment may have legs. Remember, Cheney is responsible for the cancellation of the Navy A-12 stealth carrier bomber, and that cancellation is still being litigated, 15 years later. So far, the A-12 cancellation will cost more than a billion dollars. For-profit prisons are a mess, and their existence is a high liability for the governments that use them.

  3. Randon says:

    Yes very good Joe (Lieberman?). The Mighty O is pleased…if you can tie Haliburton in somehow, a promotion to the Party Office of Information Distribution is in your future.

    michael-why didn’t you tie in the obvious connection to the A-12 stealth bomber in the original post?! The Mighty O will not be pleased if he learns of this. Please try harder.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

  4. LACJ says:

    Look, this is getting tiring already. Is this really going to go on for the next four years?

    The intelligence and sensibility of some in our country is just really staggering. The same people that were either actively supporting Bush over the past eight years or at the very least passively accepting the incredible and multiple overreaches of power by the executive branch (and the mythical 4th branch for that matter) are now view Obama as a totalitarian??

    Where the heck have these people been? Do people not recall that it was the Bush Administration which claimed that the Federal Government, on the order of the President, has the unilateral power to seize any American citizen, on US soil, without limitation, and to hold that person without charges for years, again without limitation or oversight??

    Seriously, this is not something simple like stupidity or ignorance. This can only point to deep-seated psychological problems.

    Please go and get help. Four years is going to be a long time in this mental state.

  5. Randon says:

    All Hail the Mighty O!

    LACJ you, like michael, have also studied the Party tactics and should be rewarded! As I see you employed the following tactics:

    1. Any criticism of the Mighty O, the Party or Progressive agendas should immediately be retorted with Bush Bashing. You immediately reverted to Bush Bashing by your third sentence! Very enlightened!

    2. Under no circumstances accept that the arguments of the unclean (those who do not support the Mighty O, the Party, or Progressive agendas) as being worthy of consideration. Accuse your fellow citizen of being stupid, and if you are really cornered, accuse him of mental delusions, malaise, or even insanity. Know that when the Mighty O is in power, the Fairness Doctrine will do much of this work for you, and those “mentally unfit” will be re-educated. But until then carry on, and know that in so doing you will win 1,000 arguments.

    Here we see that michael made a blog posting regarding an indictment that many of the unclean believe was advanced by a mentally unstable prosecutor. Others would even dare argue that the connection between Cheney’s mutual fund holdings and the executive function of federal prisons are so attenuated that the charges must be immediately dismissed. The enemies of the Party are strong in these arguments.

    Therefore we must support Joe1 and his attempts to tie in the Navy A-12 stealth carrier! Also Haliburton! The public will believe what we want them to believe, and neither michael nor other Believers in the Party should investigate matters thoroughly lest the effectiveness of the smear campaign against the Enemies of the Party be diminished. We must publish these smears immediately, and convince the public of their Truth.

    Do not dare ask if the Mighty O owns mutual funds in his retirement accounts! Such would be blasphemy! Under the Mighty O, no prisoner will ever die in custody and prison fights will be a thing of the past!

    All Hail the Mighty O!

  6. Ha says:

    Keep it up Randon, any professor who requires his students to read his blog that is filled with nothing but left wing propaganda deserves to be ridiculed as the pompous individual they are. He must have spent twice as much time putting together his mindless Friday McSame Bashing entries as he does teaching or writing. (although maybe that explains why UM continues it’s downward spiral in the rankings)

  7. Michael says:

    No one is required to read this blog, not even the commentators.

  8. SC says:

    It is just a fetish. Nice try, but you cannot reason with a fetishist. Hopefully once Randon starts dating, they can direct their energies away from this blog. The odd thing is that it is such a low-level fetish: I mean, Michael’s blog would be considered a 2 out of 10 in terms of lefty kink among the blogs out there. It is like having an obsessive thing for shoes and feet in a sex party filled with hardcore BDSM goths. Why not just go to PayLess?

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