Panel Says Palin Abused Power in Troopergate

Now does he dump her from the ticket? I'm guessing he doesn't.

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2 Responses to Panel Says Palin Abused Power in Troopergate

  1. Michael,
    Buried on page 71 is the funniest fly-on-the-wall moment. Doh!

    Finally, the record contains evidence that Governor Palin lost confidence in Commissioner Monegan when, on the eve of the 2008 annual Police Memorial Day ceremony, he sent her a photograph to sign and present at that event, but failed to realize it was actually a photograph of Trooper Michael Wooten.

  2. I see that the response to this report is, “Look closely, this is one guy’s opinion, which hasn’t been endorsed officially by any part of the legislature.”

    Personally, as soon as the taser thing came up, I thought it was a fool’s game to pursue it, but I suppose it’s understandable that Democrats want to have SOMETHING on her, even if it’s got to be mostly made up.

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