Wasserman Schultz Must Support Taddeo

Daily Kos: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Still Sandbagging Taddeo.

Which reminds me: I got a robophone poll a couple of days ago which asked who I supported in the Presidential election. Then it asked what I think of Sen. Mel Martinez (I think he's doing a terrible job).

Then the poll asked who'd I'd support in an election between Bob Graham and Martinez. I actually think Graham would be a bit old by then to be my candidate of choice, but I said I'd support him. I suppose they include him as he's sort of the gold standard for calibrating support for Democrats in Florida state politics.

Then it got interesting: the robopollster asked who I'd support in a matchup between Martinez and Wasserman Schultz. Panic. I couldn't of course support Martinez. After the way she's dealt with Taddeo, and south Florida in general, I had no desire to support Wasserman Schultz in a poll. But should I say Martinez as a form of protest? Could I say Martinez?

No, I couldn't. So I copped out and said I was undecided.

At that point the robopoll voice switched (and got much softer), as if I'd triggered something, and I got asked some demographic questions, and it was over.

Attention Debbie Wasserman Schultz: what you are doing is not costless behavior. We are taking notes, and we have long memories. And megaphones. And friends.

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