I’ll Be on Air America at 5:30pm (fixed)

It seems I will be on Air America this afternoon at around 5:30pm, discussing Sunday's posting, New Low For McCain Campaign: Obama == The Anti-Christ.

I guess things get slow in August.

Update: If you have an Air America membership, allegedly you can hear the clip via this Ron Kuby archive podcast. Ron Kuby, by the way, has an interesting history.

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One Response to I’ll Be on Air America at 5:30pm (fixed)

  1. howard says:

    It’s strange that Romny hasn’t yet been pegged the antichrist. Why aren’t people like Dobson and Robertson alarmed by Mormon theology? Why don’t the evangelicals mind that people like the Bushes want Christians to accept Mormonism as just another denomination? Perhaps Dobson and Robertson don’t really care about theology and only care about a decadent political party. Mormonism is polytheistic. Male Mormons, Mormonism teaches, may become equal to the God that birthed Jesus if they reach the Celestial Kingdom. In this highest level of Heaven, these Gods may then populate their own worlds in a universe quite different from that imagined by evangelical Christians. The antichrist is supposed to be deceptive. If Barack were really the antichrist, do you think Christians would be so on top of it at this stage in the antichrist’s reign? That’s not how the story goes. On the other hand, Romney seems to be a so much more likely antichrist because nobody suspects him and he is trying to “pervert” the faith of Christians with his newfangled religion.

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