We made it back.

Delta put us in business class for the transatlantic portion of the journey, which was something. They also gave us a voucher to sit in the Air France Lounge while waiting for the flight, but when we got there the AF lady said it was only good for one person, so that rubbed a bit more salt in the wound and we went back out to the terminal.

We had plenty of time to sit in the terminal as our flight left about an hour and half late.

Fortunately, we had a long connection, so we still landed with plenty of time to make it.

Unfortunately, our second flight left about an hour late too, so it was even longer.

The bags were almost the last ones out, leading to some gallows humor for a while, but they made it.

We got home at about 11pm, after a door-to-door journey of just under 33 44 hours [posting while jetlagged I got the sign wrong on the time zone correction of 5 hours….]. Our neighbor was outside his house, welcomed us back, and said he'd hidden the newspapers (which restarted on the day we had planned to be home) for us, which was very nice of him. I'd been worried about the burglar invitation card. We have nice neighbors.

And he told me what Delta stands for: “Don't Expect to Leave The Airport.”

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2 Responses to Home

  1. oxy says:

    Glad you found your way back! Sounds like a true nightmare. have you already written your letter to Delta?

    You do have nice neighbors. I wish I could say the same.



  2. Scott says:

    Delta lost my baggage (amazingly, both ways) during a ski trip I took to Big Sky, Montana several years ago. Good to see they haven’t lost their touch.

    And I remember in the 80’s, when U.S. Air swallowed Allegheny, we used to say that U.S. Air stood for “Unbelievably Still Allegheny In Reality.”

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