Friday McBush Bashing

Although superficially this was a better week than last week's disaster, since McCain's attack ads shaped a good bit of the campaign narrative, I'd argue that in retrospect this week may turn out to be the one that the McCain campaign jumped the shark. The negative ads were so untrue and undignified that even the national press started to notice. Which means that if this continues McCain is going to have trouble with his base.

Note: this week's summary cuts off a bit earlier than usual due to my being in the wrong time zone…

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One Response to Friday McBush Bashing

  1. PHB says:

    You didn’t include my bash! And its visual to boot. I have a photo of the McCain campaign complaining about Obama playing the race card.

    Click here

    Of course since then, McCain seems to have accused Obama of playing the race card ad every possible opportunity. Couldn’t be that his real objective is to say the word ‘race’ as often as possible in the hopes that his racist base will turn out for him?

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