We Get Phone Calls

I am sitting at home, finishing up my wife's birthday Sunday brunch, we're about to move on to opening her presents before going off to the UM Law graduation ceremony this afternoon.

My cell phone rings. It's not a familiar number, and call ID says it's blocked.

Me: “Hello.”

Phone: [Silence]

Me: “Hello?”

Phone: [inaudible mumble … Michael … inaudible mumble]

Me: “This is Michael Froomkin. Who's this?”

Phone: “Hello, my name is [Redacted]. I got your name from the Internet and called your office, and got your cell number. I was wondering if you could tell me where I'm supposed to park for graduation?”

Me: “It depends on what sort of permit you have.”

Phone: “I don't have a permit. I'm just driving down to watch the ceremony. I was wondering if you could tell me where it's suggested we park.”

Me: “I'm a law professor, not a traffic warden. There is some parking, there might be signs, I don't know.”

Phone: [hangs up]

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6 Responses to We Get Phone Calls

  1. Chuck says:

    Wow !
    Thou art now Officially Famous !
    Can probably expect more of this type of stuff.
    Calls, Recomendation requests, and of course the obligiitory requests for your money on can’t lose investment opportunities.

  2. ivyleaguer says:

    Brilliant dismissal of the peasant govna! The kid and his parents are probably the clueless product of *public* schools those peasants attend, where teachers and administrators are sometimes friendly, do an honest days work, and generally treat people with courtesy and respect. You gave them that dose of ivy league snobbery I’m sure they’ve had coming for quite some time. Good show! How dare the come to the gables expecting a little courtesy after shelling out $100 grand for their child’s education? Why that’s just one semester at Yale! The nerve! Cheerio govna!

  3. Joe says:

    I’m conflicted here. I wonder about someone who would go to the trouble of trying to attend a graduation ceremony at a major university without bothering to check on the small details. OTOH, since I don’t answer blocked ID calls, either at home or on my cell phone, I wouldn’t have had the conversation.

  4. Michael says:

    There were lots of people directing traffic. I’m sure anyone who arrived needing info would have been able to ask someone on the spot. I’d have thought calling the university switchboard would have worked too. But he hung up before I could think of that.

  5. student says:

    In Professor Froomkin’s defense, it’s a bit bizarre to call a professor at his home to determine where to park at graduation.

  6. Greg Hardy says:

    People really tend to have strange ideas. And this guy must have gone to many trouble first calling the office in order to get a simple information. Is it a lack of imagination or are you simply an authority even in such issues? 😉

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