Too Good To Wait for Next Friday

The folks at The Real McCain have done another video. It's a doozy.

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  1. negligence says:

    Isn’t it a bit early for the character assassination yet? I don’t get it. You guys really need to focus on picking your candidate, and not on the smear campaign yet. Didn’t you watch these instructions from McCain on Saturday Night Live?


  2. howard says:

    Not relevant to the subject, but didn’t know where to comment. I am a regular reader (um law alumnus) of your blog and am logging on to catch up on things while traveling; curiously, I refreshed your web page to see if it listed my location in Gisyeni, Rwanda, but it appears to have listed my location as J’berg, South Africa on the latest visitor list, unless someone from there just logged on. I assume the service provider at hotel must have its internet connection going through SA but why wouldn’t it still list me in Gisenyi? I am curious to see if while I am in Yemen next week it lists me in Dubai!

  3. LACJ says:

    That is a great spot. Just his own words, and I am sure all those clips and quotes are backed up and used in proper chronological order when required. Absolutely beautiful!

    Howard, I live abroad and find that the MapStats info is a bit inconsistent. Often I also will find a not-too-distant location listed instead. I have no other information about how it works, or doesn’t.

  4. howard says:

    Thanks LACJ. I guess I was just excited to see my location in Rwanda listed on the map. Now, I won’t believe that any of the dots outside of the good ol’ US of A really mean much! I guess it would be like listing my home in coconut grove as managua. No big deal; they are both on the same continent, right?

  5. Joe says:

    Can we end this now? Can we get john McCain’s annapolis transcript (fifth from the bottom of his class) and his fitness reports (no more promotions without the shoot down) into the public record, so that all of us can see what an idiot he is? And, so that we can also see that the mainstream media has failed to do its job and report the truth about McCain?

  6. Timo says:

    In what sense could it possibly be “character assassination” to show the man’s contradictory public statements? McCain is practicing “factual assassination” in denying he ever said things he clearly did.

  7. LACJ says:


    I don’t think the data points are off by too much. I guess its some weird ISP routing in other parts of the world; perhaps the data is being taken from the hub is that is used for your connection. For instance if I use an anonymizing service then the location is completely off. But it would be interesting to know why this happens sometimes.

    Gotta say that after your comment I checked several times, and everything is working properly from my end at present.

  8. howard says:

    LACJ: it pinpointed me correctly just now in ethiopia, so maybe it was just cuz of isp routing around lake kivu. i know nothing about computers, though i wish i did. interstingly, my city in ethiopia wasn’t listed.

  9. Tone says:

    Howard, the IP will typically show as a major locality where the ISP’s exchange is and this can be hundreds of miles away from your true location. So given the remoteness of where you are, the reported distance is likely to be even further.

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