Revert Wars

Short and very funny, Wikihistory (via boingboing)

At 14:57:44, SilverFox316 wrote:
Back from 1936 Berlin; incapacitated FreedomFighter69 before he could pull his little stunt. Freedomfighter69, as you are a new member, please read IATT Bulletin 1147 regarding the killing of Hitler before your next excursion. Failure to do so may result in your expulsion per Bylaw 223.

At 18:06:59, BigChill wrote:
Take it easy on the kid, SilverFox316; everybody kills Hitler on their first trip. I did. It always gets fixed within a few minutes, what's the harm?

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7 Responses to Revert Wars

  1. Michael,

    Did you recently change the stylesheets here at If so, please “revert”.

    Since yesterday, your blog has been unreadable unless I turn the page style off. Specifically, the left and right sidebars now show up _inside_ the box margin around the main content. Both sidebars overlay the post text.

    I’m using NoScript ver 1.5.6 with Firefox ver A little bit of page rendering weirdness isn’t unexpected with NoScript, but this has gotten much worse than it used to be.

    Please revert to your old style.

  2. michael says:

    I haven’t changed a thing in about a year.

    I am, however, able to replicate the problem. I’ll try to debug it when I can. In the mean time, tell NoScript to allow scripts from and it should render fine.

  3. Joe says:

    Maybe we could find John Yoo’s parents?

  4. I haven’t changed a thing in about a year.

    OK. Thanks. Then the problem is probably due to upgrading NoScript to the most recent version. I thought I had been reading here since the last time I upgraded NoScript, but I can’t really say for absolute, 100%, positive swear-to-god sure. So that seems my next best guess.

    I’m browsing through Tor, so NoScript gets turned off for no one…. too much chance of a MITM. I’ll just stick to turning off the page style for now.

    Thanks again.

  5. LACJ says:

    Nice one, Joe, but let’s not forget that Yoo, for all his moral, professional and (presumably) personal failings, was not a rogue actor. He was giving his bosses exactly what they wanted.

    And our society rewarded him with a position at Boalt Hall. Shame on that institution, the students who said nothing, and all of us for our complicity.

  6. Michael says:

    I believe that NoScript 1.5.8 fixes the problem.

  7. I believe that NoScript 1.5.8 fixes the problem.

    Sorry that I didn’t check back here again before now.

    NoScript 1.6 is working for me.

    Thanks again.

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