Test Drive the New Firefox

Word is, the new Firefox 3 is a big improvement over version 2 — faster, cooler, etc.

Personally, I have so many plugins running that I don't just wait for a new firefox to be out of beta but wait about three weeks for all the plugins to catch up. (Betas tend to break plugins, and many plugins lag even the final releases.)

But it's nice to read that there is a way to Try Out Firefox 3 Risk-Free with a Portable Version. Theoretically, if you follow the instructions you can run F3 without hurting your F2.

Maybe this weekend….

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2 Responses to Test Drive the New Firefox

  1. joe says:

    Cool. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  2. Alex Cabrera says:

    I really hope Camino starts to catch up. I can’t stand the fact that Firefox not only looks but also feels so out of place on a Mac.

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