UM Law Hires Three Exciting Young Scholars

We hired three people out of the entry level pool this year, and I for one am very pleased with our haul:

  • Caroline Corbin, JD 2001 Columbia University; Teaching Fellow, Columbia University
  • Osamudia James, JD 2004 Georgetown University, Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin
  • Markus Wagner, erstes juristisches Staatsexamen 2002 University of Giessen, JSM 2006 Law Stanford
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5 Responses to UM Law Hires Three Exciting Young Scholars

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Osamudia James was just at South Carolina for a conference. She seems great!

  2. Matt says:

    What do they each work on?

  3. Nah says:

    Do you think UM Law would ever hire an alum? Other than a lrw or clinical professor? (I do not mean to disparage the professionals in those positions). Have any applied from the entry pool?

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t think UM would have any objection to hiring an alum. Why should it? The critical question — as it is with every new hire — is what sort of post-law school experience they have and especially what sort of writing have they done. There has been enormous credential inflation: you need at least one published article to be noticed, and two is almost becoming the floor.

    I can recall at least one UM alumn coming to the committee’s attention in the years when I was on the appointments committee, but the subject areas of interest were not a good fit with our needs at that time, and that person currently teaches at another law school. Indeed, we do have a number of graduates in full-time teaching around the country.

    If you’re thinking of a teaching career, the key thing is to publish.

  5. Nah says:

    “Why should it?”
    Indeed, the legal education I got @ UM was outstanding.

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