The New Camelot Will Have a Sound Track

This video is a phenomenon. I say that as an outsider to its charm. Not as a criticism, but in a spirit of bemusement. Hard-edged political — and non-political — types all over the blogosphere are emoting about it. Watch it.

Yes, it tugs faintly at my heart – it's lovely on the ear, and nicely produced with lots of beautiful people. But I want wonky policy from my Presidential candidates, not an invitation to a Rorschach test. So it leaves me if not cold, than at most lightly warmed.

But that's just me. Like I said, it seems to be on target to be a very big hit. If you feel the power, get the ringtone.

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6 Responses to The New Camelot Will Have a Sound Track

  1. George says:

    Just a Note

    This is not a campaign video It is a love letter by the “The Black Eyed Peas” front man, songwriter and producer known as

  2. Michael says:

    Fair point – the Obama campaign isn’t responsible for how the celebrity fans choose to promote it. But the (other) fans are responsible for what they respond to — and lots of smart thoughtful people I read are responding to this viscerally. It works (on them).

    The Obama campaign isn’t content-free. Far from it. But that content is different from what some supporters read into it. I’d vote for him. But with my eyes open. (I could say the same about Clinton: I’d vote for her. But with my eyes open.)

  3. “and lots of smart thoughtful people I read are responding to this viscerally. It works (on them)”

    Then maybe they’re not that smart or thoughtful.

  4. George says:

    I thought you were disparaging the Obama campaign with this quote

    “But I want wonky policy from my Presidential candidates”

    Thus my first note. For some, things are visceral and his message hits home. They want to be lifted up after 7 years of Bush.

    As an Edwards supporter I can see how this works for them.

    BTW there is plenty of Wonk at

    All’s love, I will vote for the nominee whom ever they are! This year It’s not about the “lesser of two evils” It’s about eviscerating the GOP and undoing the damage they have done.

    Now where did I leave my Yellow Dog…….

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    It works on me. Not in a “now I’m a huge fan of Obama” sort of way. It’s more a “despite my crusty cynicism, I want to believe in a better future” kind of reaction. Hope’s a powerful emotion and maybe I’d forgotten I had any.

    Of course, this also got a reaction out of me:

  6. tde says:

    “Wonky policy” equals losing elections.

    But I am sure that Obama has a bunch of position papers out there if you’re jonesin for it.

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