Mozy Understands How to Write Warnings

Online backup provider offers 2GB of free storage to the home user.

You can use their encryption key — which means it's recoverable: they have a backdoor if you loose lose it, or if someone else turns up with a subpoena — or you can grow your own.

I chose the latter. Which produced this great warning pop-up:

I understand that if I ever lose this key, that neither I nor MozyHome will be able to decrypt my data and I will be hosed.

I clicked “yes”.

(Only later did I find out that Mozy will only backup files resident on a fixed disk. I wanted to back up my USB drive. Oh well. At least I got a laugh.)

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5 Responses to Mozy Understands How to Write Warnings

  1. Eagle says:

    I use a scheduled SyncBack job to copy my USB drive to a fixed drive, then point Mozy to that. Good workaround and SyncBack is rock-solid (and the free version works just fine for most things).

  2. John Flood says:

    I actually decided to buy storage from Mozy so I could back up all my files, including music. It does take an awful long time for Mozy to work through the system. And at one point I got a series of errors that disabled backup. I give Mozy credit they worked at it for two weeks and cracked the problem. And they gave me credit for lost time.

    Nevertheless, of the online backup systems I think it is the best value for money.

  3. Reli says:

    I began using Mozy, but afterwards I discover docoom (, which is easier and cheaper. You can also install it on several computers paying the same prize, so I can backup my PC and laptop for just 2.60$ each month (10 GB).

  4. James Wimberley says:

    Mozy writes clearly but ungrammatically: the repeated “that” is superfluous and has no antecedent.

  5. Random Grammar says:

    The passage “they have a backdoor if you loose it” contains a typographical error of the word “lose”.

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