More on Wikileaks Case

Wikilleaks's account of the correspondence between it and Bank Julius Bear. Notable in this account is the odd failure of the demand letter to say what documents they wanted taken down.

Copy of the motion for injunction filed by Julius Baer in California via TPM Muckraker.

Also, note that I fixed the link in my previous post to now point to a locally-hosted copy of the California gag order.

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3 Responses to More on Wikileaks Case

  1. gary says:

    Thanks for fixing the link!

    Also, the Citizen Media Law Project now has a page for Julius Baer Bank and Trust v. Wikileaks, with links to court documents.

  2. When Verio cancelled Cryptome’s hosting account for breach of terms of service, the provider refused to specify what contractual terms had been violated. Perhaps they were backed into a corner by a national security letter…

  3. Mojo says:

    Interesting to compare this case with the LGT situation in Germany.

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