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Secret Service Tightens Obama Security

OK, this is more like it: Security tight at Obama rally in Fort Worth. But it does make you wonder about the earlier claims that all was well with transparently inadequate security.

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17 Is A Nice Prime Number

According to The Race to the Bottom: Faculty Blogs and Influence: The Top 50 Most Influential Law Blogs (In Order) this here blog is tied for #17 with Workplace Prof Blog, Prof. Rafael Gely's far more serious production.

As you would expect, many of the top 50 are group blogs.

What shall I do with all this power and influence?

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Wikileaks: Hearing Tomorrow, Posturing Today

Tynan on Technology (beta), Bank Julius Baer emerges from hibernation, issues official statement (which Tynan kindly deconstructs for us).

Meanwhile, the next hearing is tomorrow.

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The McCain Songbook

From the folks at Bravenewfilms comes, John McCain sings “Bomb Iran”:

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Economics Made Easy

Chris Bertram posts this marvelous video which explains Mankiw’s 10 principles of economics in terms everyone can understand. Especially funny if you have studied economics.

I think law conferences need a humor session.

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I Wonder if this Teaching Technique Would Work In Law School

Kai Chang writes about his favorite college professor, who was also a self-confessed liar. See Overcoming Bias: My Favorite Liar for the details.

It's an interesting idea; I wonder if it would work in law school or if students would resent it. There's also the risk that people would free ride and wait for the answer in the next class. I suppose, though, that one could give some class participation credit for being the first to ID the answer…

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