17 Is A Nice Prime Number

According to The Race to the Bottom: Faculty Blogs and Influence: The Top 50 Most Influential Law Blogs (In Order) this here blog is tied for #17 with Workplace Prof Blog, Prof. Rafael Gely's far more serious production.

As you would expect, many of the top 50 are group blogs.

What shall I do with all this power and influence?

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4 Responses to 17 Is A Nice Prime Number

  1. Paul Secunda says:

    We’re all very proud of Workplace Prof Blog, and as much as we love the original laborprof, Rafael Gely, Rick Bales, Jeff Hirsch, and I have been running the place since October 2005. You should come visit us some time, Michael! Congrats to your great blog too.


    Paul Secunda

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Do you hear the women in comfortable shoes at #19 running closely behind? Eh, we don’t have a Sitemeter to protect reader privacy, so you are probably safe for the time being.

  3. Dui says:

    What should you do with the power? Maybe convert to conservatism and save the world?? lol

    Congrats! I must admit that I have become somewhat addicted to your little piece of this cyber world.

    I don’t know if you have already covered this subject or not, but I would like to suggest a topic for you to hit on since you have this power. I want to understand how Google can get away with violating copyright laws with the videos on YouTube. The vast majority of those videos are the property of companies, and they have been stolen and placed on Goggle’s site. How has Google gotten away with this, what sort of possible liabilities may they be facing, and how could Google correct this illegal activity while preserving YouTube?

    Congrats again.

  4. Michael says:

    In the long run, group blogs will eclipse most (but not all) of the one-(wo)man-bands.

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