Quality Over Quantity

Eric Muller says he doesn't remember many jokes, but in I'm Here All Week. Tell Your Friends. he tells a great Jewish joke that I never heard before:

So Joel Rabinowitz, this Jewish guy, falls in love with Bird-in-the-Night, an American Indian girl. They get married and soon decide to have a baby. This is when things get tough. Sol's parents insist that any grandchild of theirs must have a Jewish name. Bird-in-the-Night's parents tell Bird that they'll disown her if she doesn't give their grandchild an Indian name.

When the baby's born, they name her “Smoked Whitefish.”

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4 Responses to Quality Over Quantity

  1. NewMexiKen says:

    You thought it was a Jewish joke. Funny, I thought it was an American Indian joke.

  2. Go Democrats says:

    IS Whitefish a Jewish name? I would think “Smoked WhiteFish-Stein” would have made more sense for a punchline to the joke… but then again when Froomy makes the postings, logic is at its lowest ebb.

  3. NoPrivacy says:

    Hey “Go Democrats” (is that you, Eric P.?) — do Steve D. and Dennis S. know you are doing this?

  4. Randy Paul says:

    I think I heard that in 1990.

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