Oregon GOP’s Idea of What Constitutes Criminals and Terrorists: Democrats

Look past the shtick in Scrubbing the Oregon GOP at Jesus' General, and you find the sort of news about my co-nationals that really creeps me.

If the story can be believed, it seems that the Oregon GOP duly passed a plank at its convention that said,

7.5 Inter-jurisdictional agency cooperation shall be improved for more effective joint action against organized crime, drug cartels, terrorist networks and the Oregon Democratic Party.

Yup. Drug dealers, terrorists and Oregon Democrats. All kind of similar in the crackpot view of the Oregon GOP.

But when called on it, someone quickly scrubbed the website. But you can see the old version at the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine.

Perhaps it was someone's idea of a joke inserted on the website? I hope. But in a world of right-wing eliminationist rhetoric (see multiple posts of David Neiwert's on this at Orcinus) there's all too much reason to fear it was for real.

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