Hard Disks Spying For the Chinese

Here's a new twist on an old method of stealing data.

Taipei Times: Portable hard discs sold locally and produced by US disk-drive manufacturer Seagate Technology have been found to carry Trojan horse viruses that automatically upload to Beijing Web sites anything the computer user saves on the hard disc, the Investigation Bureau said.

Around 1,800 of the portable Maxtor hard discs, produced in Thailand, carried two Trojan horse viruses: autorun.inf and ghost.pif, the bureau under the Ministry of Justice said.

The tainted portable hard disc uploads any information saved on the computer automatically and without the owner's knowledge …

The bureau said that the method of attack was unusual, adding that it suspected Chinese authorities were involved.

Of course, in the USA, we use more subtle means to get your data.

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3 Responses to Hard Disks Spying For the Chinese

  1. senatorfeinstein says:

    I’m confused…could you just state how Bush and/or Cheney is directly involved?

  2. Reminds me of the tracking dots added to all documents printed by color laser printers, at the request of the Secret Service and “a consortium of banks.”


  3. Marcia Tello says:

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