My That’s a Big Sabre You Are Rattling There

Over at Hullabaloo, tristero gies credence to the idea that the nuclear missiles “accidentally” flown via B-52 from Minot, North Dakota to Barksdale, Louisiana, in violation of policy that we don't have planes with nukes flying around the US, were actually flown there intentionally because, he says, “Barksdale Air Force Base is being used as a jumping off point for Middle East operations. “

His theory — they want to drop the big one on Iran.

I do think that's a bit tinfoily. But it would not be hard to persuade me that this “accident” and the “unauthorized leak” were some sort of psychops procedure to make the Iranians think we plan to bomb them.

In some ways I think I'd rather believe that than the official, and most likely, story—that a pilot could fly off with at least five nukes by mistake. And no one would notice for three hours.

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2 Responses to My That’s a Big Sabre You Are Rattling There

  1. tristero says:

    The general consensus from informed, smart people is that it was a horrible mistake. Some mistake.

    As for being tinfoily, maybe. But no more than accusing the Bush administration of firing attorneys general for not being loyal Bushies. Or accusing the administration of packing NASA with ignorant ideologues who would demand that eminent scientists not refer to the Big Bang as anything but an unproven “theory.”

    Both of which happened.

  2. Look man, it’s a tough job keeping track of all those weapons of mass destruction. Accidents happen. Give the Inverted Pentagon a break, wouldja?

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