For Sale, Slightly Used

Reprinted without comment: Ananova – Belgium up for sale on eBay

Internet auction site eBay has removed an unusual lot – the country of Belgium.

Bidding had reached 10 million euro before eBay withdrew the spoof sale, reports GVA.

It was put up for sale by former journalist Gerrit Six who wanted to protest that Belgium still had no government, 100 days after its elections.

The advert said: “Belgium a kingdom in three parts. Possible to buy it as a whole, but not advisable.

“Possible the three parts separately but beware of the public debt of 300 million euro.”

Bidding started at one euro and reached 10 million euro after 26 bids before eBay removed it from the site.

Actually, I can't resist one comment: it would have been fun to write the disclaimers, warranties and representations if it were an actual sale…

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