UM Hurricanes to Leave Orange Bowl!

‘Canes to leave the Orange Bowl. No tradition is safe!

August 21, 2007

To the University Community:

We have an extraordinary history and tradition at the Orange Bowl: The players running through the smoke tunnel. “Touchdown Tommy” and his cannon. The Ring of Honor. An incredible winning streak of 58 consecutive home wins. And three of our five national championships were won on that field. I love the Orange Bowl-we all do!

As many of you are aware, the University has been working closely with the City of Miami to assess the feasibility of making much-needed renovations to the Orange Bowl. It has long been our goal to have a first-class football stadium.

The City of Miami has been a wonderful partner with us at the Orange Bowl for many years, and they understand how hard we have wrestled with a very difficult decision. Mayor Manny Diaz has been heroic in his efforts to meet our future needs. After much thought, analysis, and discussions with many, many of our trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and fans, we have concluded that we must move our football games to a better facility. The more than $200 million in renovations that the city has proposed would only provide basic and mostly infrastructural upgrades. A part of those funds are not in hand and may or may not be determined until after the proposed construction would be well underway. Overall, the renovations clearly would not address the long-term needs of our athletes and our fans.

The Orange Bowl chapter of our history-in which we can all take great pride-will never close, and we are confident that the legacy of Miami Hurricanes football will live on and thrive as we move to a new location. After an assessment of all options available to us, we have decided reluctantly and painfully to move to Dolphin Stadium for the 2008 season.

Dolphin Stadium is one of the premier football stadiums in the country. At our new home, our student-athletes will have the opportunity to compete in a first-class facility that plays host to the NFL‘s Miami Dolphins, the FedEx Orange Bowl, BCS National Championship Game, and that has been the site of recent and upcoming Super Bowls.

Our fans will experience outstanding amenities including one of the world’s largest plasma TV displays, high-definition video boards, club seating and suites, chairbacks on every stadium seat, approximately 14,000 parking spaces, and a large variety of concessions and restaurants.

The end zones will be redone so that our shared home will reflect both Miami teams’ pride. The Dolphins are actively pursuing a corporate sponsor so that by 2010 the stadium will have a neutral name.

I want to assure all members of our University community-students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, donors, friends-and the tens of thousands of fans who regularly cheer us on, that we looked exhaustively into every aspect of the choices in front of us, and that your needs figured prominently in our final decision. The quality of your experience at our games is of the utmost importance to us.

As always, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at an e-mail address we have established for your comments: If you have any further questions, please go to the Official Athletic Department Web site at or call 1-800-GO-CANES.

Thank you, and Go ‘Canes!


Donna E. Shalala

Office of the President
P.O. Box 248006 Coral Gables, Florida 33124-4600
305-284-5155 Fax 305-284-3768

As someone who has yet to attend a Hurricanes football game, I don’t feel this very strongly.

But I know a lot of people who will.

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2 Responses to UM Hurricanes to Leave Orange Bowl!

  1. Josh says:

    While Shalala said, “[w]e have decided reluctantly and painfully to move to Dolphin Stadium for the 2008 season,” it’s worth noting that this is no temporary relocation. The Miami Herald (and WLRN) reports that the Dolphin Stadium lease will run until 2025.

  2. Randall W. Parkinson says:

    I think it is very unfortunate the Miami Hurricanes are leaving the Orange Bowl. What happened (oh, I know). The new stadium lacks an atmosphere conducive of college football. The closeness, noise, look, and history of the Orange Bowl will never be replaced. What a loss. Not to mention the longer drive for students and fans living in the south Miami area.

    Pro Player Stadium is not a college stadium. The Hurricanes have lost a wonderful setting to play college football.

    This move does not reflect the opinion and need of UM students, but rather corporate America and Miami’s corporate elite who obviously rallied behind President Donna Shalala.

    What a sham!

    Randy Parkinson
    Ph.D. RSMAS 1987

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