Attention UM Law Students: Research Assistants Needed

I need a research assistant. And so, no doubt, do several other faculty members. Some faculty members will hire their own; others, especially new and visiting faculty, may prefer a clearinghouse approach. As I am now the “Director of Faculty Development” I have appointed myself the coordinator of this process for those faculty who prefer to work through an intermediary. If you are a 2L, 3L or LLM student and would like to work for a professor this year, please send me your application.

Different professors will want different skill sets, so don't be shy. Some may have special application requirements but I think most would be happy with a copy of your resume, an unofficial transcript (for 2Ls and 3Ls), and a short writing sample. Personally, I prefer a NON-legal writing sample if you have one, but most of the colleagues will want something legal if you have it, so include both if you can.

Your cover letter should include the number of hours you would most like to work (the range is usually 10-20 hours per week, with most clustering in the low part of that range, but there's a lot of variation), and the legal subjects that most interest you (to help match you with professors in those areas).

I'm particularly interested in students with Linux and HTML experience, although that's not a requirement for me and won't be of interest to many colleagues, so don't let the absence of those stop you.

You can email me the application bundle, or you can drop it off to Ms. Rosalia Lliraldi, who sits outside Rm. 382 in the library.

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