Spot What’s Missing

This info-graphic of Coffee Drinks Illustrated strikes me as sadly deficient. Have a look, see if you can figure it out what's missing, then click below for my attempt to fill the gaps.

First, there's my basic drink:


Or, there's the Miami version, the Cuban coffee:


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4 Responses to Spot What’s Missing

  1. wcw says:

    My version: 1/3 half-and-half, 2/3 americano?

    Full disclosure: the cheap (-ish), Italian, fully automatic espressomaker on which we splurged in Europe, before the dollar tanked and before Costco started importing them, is among my favorite self-indulgent purchases ever.

    Wake up.

    Stumble downstairs.

    Turn on machine.

    Feed goldfish.

    Push button.

    Drink espresso.

    Along with hot running water, the fully automatic espresso machine if one of the stronger arguments going for modern civilization.

  2. The first week of classes (I’m guessing), and you have time to be making funny pictures?

    That said, I think you left some sugar out of the Cafe Cubano. If you can’t feel the acidity of the sugar destroying the enamel of your teeth as you’re drinking it, you’ve been rooked.

    *Sigh*. Sometimes I _do_ miss Miami.

  3. Michael says:

    *Second* week of classes, and coffee is important.

  4. SEO says:

    Important… I think “essential” would be the correct term.

    Although i only have 3 or 4 coffee’s a day, however they do contain 3 coffee’s and 3 sugars per cup.. Is that wrong?


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