Notes on High Finance

From today's inbox:

Hi Michael,

I will send you $25 in exchange for placing a text ad for a telecom company on this page: [link]

Please let me know if you are interested.


I don't know how long the run was to be, so I can't tell if this is a good offer, but in any case, I'm resolutely non-commercial for insurance reasons. So, dear reader, not to worry.

That post, incidentally, is still true, but I can't help but wonder what search led him there.

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One Response to Notes on High Finance

  1. SEO says:

    Your entry on the Hobby Vs Business opened my eyes a bit as it’s something i had never given much through on in relation to something such as selling a few links to cover operating costs.

    With the link, the page he wants is a Google PR5 which for a sub-page normally runs for an average of $10 per month. Yes it’s possible to get a PR5 link for $25 per year, however the site will be generally lower quality and not well established like so i’d put it in the vacinity of $10/mo

    Judging by that i’d say he wants a lifetime link at $25.. Which would be a good deal to him.

    With the dedicated server issue, i know there are alot of reputable hosting providers who would be more then willing to give you a dedicated server in exchange for a link on your homepage. Now i don’t know if an arrangement such as this would void the “hobby” aspect as no money is changing hands and it’s merely an exchange of services or a favour for a favour.

    Possibly something to look in to, you may be able to get a dedicated server while it doesn’t cost you a cent and Discourse still remains a hobby.

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