Gonzales Resigns — At Last

When the rumors flew yesterday that disgraced and AG Alberto Gonzales would resign and be replaced by Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, I didn't pay much attention. Looked like the memory-impaired Bush loyalist was bunkered in.

But it seems that it's true: Gonzales Resigns as Attorney General – New York Times.

Chertoff you may recall is a former federal judge (and was considered a pretty good one), which argues well for the DoJ job. On the other hand, he's done a lousy job at Homeland Security, and presided over the disaster in New Orleans and the even more disastrous ongoing failures since the floods. Both of which argue that his management talents may not be equal to his legal skills.

But he's loyal.

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2 Responses to Gonzales Resigns — At Last

  1. Bettybb says:

    Chernoff.. oh no. Does that mean he will not go through Congressional vetting? If he did there is the possiblity that Congress will require him to appoint a special prosecutor?

    At Homeland Security he certainly did not stand up to Bush. The Southern border has basically been unguarded since 2000, when Bush stopped immigration enforcement. Also, Chernoff made no mention of the North American Union and SPP agreements that Bush supposed has negotiated on the down low, without Congressional treaty ratification. It appears those agreements mean we mut have open borders by 2010 and explains Bush’s failure to build the wall and his recent withdrawal of 1/2 of the border pratrol while saying he is increasing enforcement. Bush may have sold out the USA, and Chernoff said nothing. This does not bode well for Cheroff acting as an indpendant agent for the people at Justice.

  2. SEO says:

    What’s amazing is.. Why is it so damn hard to appoint someone who is honest, loyal, does their job 100%, doesn’t have a shady or negligent background, stands up for what is right for the people etc.

    It just seems in 90% of the cases, someone gets a position and there is always a question mark over their head. Surely out of the 1,000s of well educated and qualified Americans there is a bigger pool to choose from.

    It always seems like a revolving door of “Out with the Chimp and in with the Baboon”.

    Either way, anyone other then Gonzales is a step up.


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