Shhh! Pass it On

Lawyers, Gun$ and Money (and also unfogged) passes on some Scary Gossip originating at TAPPED.

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2 Responses to Shhh! Pass it On

  1. Mojo says:

    “General Halftrack, we’re about to invade Iran. Time to inform all of the low-level military personnel so they have plenty of time to leak our plans. Just remember not to give them any information which could actually be of some use to them such as Iranian weapons, tactics, organization, etc. Don’t tell them what their initial objectives will be or provide any training on how to achieve them. That’s so D-day. And for God’s sake don’t let any of the support personnel know so they can arrange transport and supply. Just tell them Iran and hope for the best.”
    I thought only the CIA had the disease where you latch on to any tiny piece of information which tends to support a theory and ignore all the missing or contradictory pieces. We may or may not attack Iran but this kind of RUMINT is as far as it’s possible to get from a valid indicator.

  2. I’ve got to agree. If and when the US decides to attack Iran, you’ll KNOW it. If nothing else, the run-up will be filled with right-wing bloggers beating the war drums.

    My read is that there’s a struggle going on now between armchair warrior factions which do want to invade, and career military who think that’s utterly insane.

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