McClain Implosion — Further Evidence

stick a fork in himThe Carpetbagger Report, Why John McCain will never win the Republican presidential nomination:

Which leads us to the second problem — he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to think anymore. McCain is so embarrassingly desperate, he’s utterly lost when it comes to basic questions like these. It’s almost certainly what he was doing with those 12 seconds of silence, thinking over what James Dobson might do if he acknowledged that condoms can play a role in stopping the spread of HIV, and what the media might do if they find a dozen examples of him supporting broader public access to publicly-financed contraception.

So the poor, sad man says nothing. McCain can’t tell the truth, he can’t share his opinions, and he can’t remember what he thought before he sold out. It’s so genuinely pathetic, I almost feel sorry for the guy.

And why is this evidence that McCain is going to lose? Because he’s going to have to deal with a year of these questions, and he has no idea how to answer them.

And to think I used to worry he'd run on a third-party ticket with Lieberman!

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  1. Brautigan says:

    I read that post & thought it interesting. If he’s correct that McCain is so befuddled by age/consultants/ambition that he really can’t process his own info anymore, then the article is quite prescient. The fact that McCain is clueless vis-a-vis condoms & AIDS, however, isn’t going to bother many GOP primary voters.

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