FL GOP Wants to Raise Taxes — On Poor People

It's bad enough to read that the state GOP — or at least the ones in the state House of Representatives (ie. the most right-wing ones at present), want to eliminate property taxes and instead increase the sales tax (which is a regressive tax). I would like to dismiss this as posturing, but there are three reasons why I can't.

1) The proposal is to make the change via a ballot proposition to chance the state constitution. Anything can happen, especially if it is dressed up as a tax cut.

2) State property tax receipts are tanking, so the state will be out hunting for more revenue.

3) This is Florida.

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2 Responses to FL GOP Wants to Raise Taxes — On Poor People

  1. Go Democrats says:

    How anyone can be a Republican at a time when the world is on the brink of WW3 (entirely due to the Republican’s ignorant ideology) is beyond me.

    Shame on everyone in this country who calls themselves an American and a Republican.

  2. hipparchia says:

    Well … this is Florida, but I’ve also lived in Texas and Louisiana, and I can’t say I see a lot of differences.

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