Another Law School Moves Into the Neighborhood

FIU Law started up just a few years ago (2002), and now Ave Maria School of Law Announces Relocation to Southwest Florida. It's planning to move in 2009 from Ann Arbor, MI to the startup town of Ave Maria, Florida, a site located about 30 miles east of Naples, Florida. (Local news coverage.) Naples is about two and a half hours from Miami — unless you get caught behind a slow car on Coral Way, aka US 41 (or there is an accident on Alligator Alley, aka I-75) in which case it's more like four hours.

Is there any other region in the country that has seen such explosive growth in law schools recently?

Of course, Ave Maria is not your average law school…and it's bankrolled by an unusual donor.

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  1. Chris Hoofnagle says:

    M. there was a great article in the New Yorker last week about this. Interesting stuff. CH

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