The Anarchist in the Library: The Revival

Sue-Ann writes, the anarchist is back:

For a while I thought that the person who perpetually moved the Anarchy and Order (or is it Order and Anarchy) from the proper place on the shelf at the UM Law Library, had graduated. The book had been in place during the whole of the first semester this year. The only movement was when the entire shelf of books was “shifted” to make room for more books and use empty space.

Well, I was wrong to jump to that conclusion.

The book was removed, once again, from its proper slot in the call number order of books on the shelf, and gently placed on it side a shelf below. Once again, I replaced it.

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5 Responses to The Anarchist in the Library: The Revival

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    This is hilarious! I need to send her a copy of Siva’s book. Hey, I think Siva’s parents live in Miami. Hmmm….

  2. Sue Ann says:

    Actually, I think I know who the anarchist is, I just need more time to prove it.

  3. Ury Fischer says:

    Obviously its not just ex-students who read this blog

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Just ex-students? No way. Froomkin also has a hardcore following among the freaks and geeks of the law professoriat. Not that this would include me, mind you…

  5. BroD says:

    Well, which is it: “Anarchy and Order” or “Order and Anarchy”? How can you possibly solve the puzzle without getting this fundamental fact straight?

    MY guess is that it’s a cunning act of terrorism intended to undermine the legal profession at its roots.

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