WP X3 Inside A Linux Environment? Could it Be?

So I'm wondering if this remarkably kludgy system — Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server — would be the solution to running WordPerfect inside a Linux environment? You'd need a reasonably fast machine, and I don't have one to spare right now, but as soon as I have a few spare days (yah, right)….

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  1. dammitboris says:

    any advice for a good way for someone to start picking up linux as a desktop windows replacement? ive started playing with ubuntu and fedora, but im in pretty far over my head…

  2. Bruce says:

    I use VMWare on Windows XP (P4 with 1.5 GB memory) with 2 linux VMs and 1 Windows VM. You will get better screen performance if you connect to the Windows VM via an RDP client, but I’ve never had issue with the performance of the virtual machines.

  3. cafl says:

    VMWare works very well in Linux. On the same machine, it is noticeably faster than under Windows. Further, I think you will find that adding memory has a big influence on the performance.

  4. Dons Blog says:

    I’m very happy with VMWare. I run multiple OS’s for testing both softare and network interopability. The only one I’ve had trouble getting to load was Solaris.

  5. Hello there,

    I am Harley Stagner, the author of this article. Thank you for reading and posting about it. Actually, the setup that I used in that article is on a 4 year old system with 1Gig of ram using VMWare Server. It runs really well, as I have Pandora, several firefox windows open on my Linux (Ubuntu 6.10) box and several applications from the Windows VM open as Windows on my Ubuntu Desktop.

    My sole OS now is Ubuntu with Windows XP Pro as a VM when I need Windows apps. Again thanks for the post

    -Harley Stagner

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