Emergent (and Non-Emergent) Behavior in the Comments

Once a great while, a comment thread on this blog takes on a life of its own. That seems to have happened to the thread at Type 1 Diabetes Cure.

I marvel at the emergent properties of this medium sometimes. And am not always sure whether to be pleased or terrified.

(Generally speaking, my readers don't seem to be a loquacious bunch; the hits-to-comments ratio here is quite high. Not that I'm complaining — be yourselves by all means. I just wonder What It All Means: Do I have shy readers? Agreement? Disgust? People with better things to do?)

And given a choice between lots of comments seasoned with trolls and the present light but generally well-mannered discussions, there's no question I'll take what I've got. And thank you for your attention.

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  1. kegaunt says:

    Sometimes technology works against you as the blog author. I read your entries in Google Reader, which removes me a step from one-click commenting. So, it’s rare that I take the time to click to your blog from the reader, then click again to leave a comment.

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