McCain Gets the YouTube Treatment

I've predicted before that John McCain will be undone by YouTube. And now it begins:

Can we call it the Double Talk Express now?

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2 Responses to McCain Gets the YouTube Treatment

  1. Joe says:

    Now you can see for yourself why John McCain had such a low academic standing at the boat school (Naval Academy). He was simply not the smartest graduate in his year group.

  2. aidan says:

    On TV Ontario tonight they had a panel discussion about the role of video for political promotion and they played two video chat segments – one Hillary, the other Obama. The full-frontal video soliloquy does indeed have a wicked way of revealing dominant features and quirks that interactive television tends to disguise.

    Obama fared rather better than Hillary in that he came across as steady, sincere and spoke in a measured way – nothing apparently freaky going on. Hillary by contrast seemed forced and rehearsed. Of course the charm was there and she is an attractive middle aged woman, but the gestures and tone suggested underlying phoniness.

    The late and great Marshall McLuhan had it right – the medium is indeed the message – and those who understand how to work the groove will be rewarded accordingly.

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