Nice Graphical Internet Connection Speed Tester is a snazzy graphical Internet connect speed test service.

Here are my results from home:

My results from work look as if they are much faster:

But in fact the delay before anything happens (latency?) feels much larger at work, so the office computer feels slower. I don’t know if that’s a DNS issue or what, but it’s very noticable.

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  1. wcw says:

    Ugh, flash. It’s enough to make you like java applets.

    In re: latency, dunno what the source, but latency is a huge issue for interactive apps like browsing. I’d give up half my bandwidth in a flash for better latency (and my first hop is maybe 10ms and that’s to a POP in San Jose, which is ‘net central — another 1ms and I’m at Google or Yahoo). Give me 1ms to San Jose with great peering, and dump me down to 1Mb bandwidth (from 3) and I’m golden.

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