Washington Post Says Iraq Study Group Sorta Has a Deadline

According to the Washington Post’s Iraq Panel to Urge Pullout Of Combat Troops by ’08, the Iraq Study Group did not just hint around the Bush, but put an actual target date for withdrawal into its report: shortly before the ’08 Presidential election.

Even so, in this version — which makes it sound a bit better than the NYT version I blogged about a couple of days ago — the target date would “be more a conditional goal than a firm timetable, predicated on the assumption that circumstances on the ground would permit it.”

In other words, given Bush’s oft-expressed attitudes, fuggedaboutit.

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2 Responses to Washington Post Says Iraq Study Group Sorta Has a Deadline

  1. KarenMcL says:

    I’d really like to KNOW how the GOP thinking goes that anything Dubya is going to DO is going to salvage this situation is going to lend itself to some political talking point right before the ’08 election. I really fail to see how – UNLESS there is stabilization in the short term – any arbitrary withdrawal – no matter what the timing – is going to help the GOP pull out a turn around and win back seats in the House or Senate or the WH in 08.

    Any ideas? Dubya’s only motivation is both self-delusional saving of his *Legacy* and indifferent to the # of human lives that will cost – or that it’s even in the cards. But what is the other motivation here for the rest of these cheerleaders? Greenwald has a supposition – that may be the best *explanation* i’ve yet seen.

    Any thoughts?

  2. aidan says:

    You’re right, this is now all about Bush weaseling his way out. Thing is his legacy, is no longer any type of legacy Americans wish to be part of so these foreign policy moves are designed to serve the legacy of a discredited rump that will soon be burned on the pyre of public revulsion. Even one American life isn’t worth whatever window dressing in the name of “mission” Bush manages to orchestrate.

    The man is desperate. I had to laugh at a photo at the end of the meeting with al-Malaki. It shows al-Malaki reluctantly extending a paralyzed looking arm for a handshake, as the Commander-in-Need was kind of bent over double, arm fully extended in what looked like a yoga asana, hand grabbing at air. Bet that got a few re-plays on Al Jazeera.

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