Another “Please Tell Me this Is a Photoshop Job”

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4 Responses to Another “Please Tell Me this Is a Photoshop Job”

  1. Michael says:

    This appears on the Urban Legends site. To summarize, in 2003 at least two Kern County CA patrol cars had the decal “We’ll kick your ass” printed on them. Someone photoshopped in “and take your doughnuts too!”

  2. KarenMcL says:

    This is TOO Funnie! Brilliant find!

  3. Phill says:

    The filling station I stopped at yesterday had about 20 ex-cop cars for sale in the parking lot. Some had the decals removed but many didn’t.

    I was wondering about buying one in case I ever needed to pick up Jon Bellushi from a prison, then I remembered he was dead.

    Would be fun to add a ‘take your donuts’ decal to one of them…

    Are there any specific laws about driving round in cop cars if you are not impersonating a policeman? The main disadvantage would be that the traffic would always slow down around you.

  4. Mahan Atma says:

    Kern County — Those cops don’t fuck around.

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