McCain Flip-Flop Watch

The Carpetbagger Report notes McCain’s flourishing flip-flop list. This weekend, McCain added Roe v. Wade to the list of issues on which he’s done an about-turn.

It really is a little sad to watch someone of at least occasional integrity totally disintegrate into a pandering puddle due to his desparation for the Presidency. I presume the strategy is to run right for the primaries and then try to loop back. But I think the brand will be pretty tarnished by then. Indeed, it is already, although mass media are still clining to the St. McCain narrative.

Actually, that’s good for the Democrats: better if the scales fall from the media’s eyes when more people are paying attention.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see just how out of touch with modern realities the increasingly aging McCain seems to be. Pre-YouTube it might have been possible to campaign out of both sides of one’s mouth, but that approach is in the dustbin of history now.

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5 Responses to McCain Flip-Flop Watch

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    Please, McCain has shown occasional “integrity” in the same fashion a broken clock has shown occasional accuracy. Once in a while he flips your way, and you see “integrity”.

  2. Nicollo MacPlato says:

    This is a conspiricy by Rove and the elite Repubs (read wealthy) to help McCain shot himself in he foot. He is not reaching out to them 1st – but they to him. Trust me, this is meant for Jeb Bush or some other chosen son of the ruling class to make sure that McCain will not be a hinderence in ‘08.

    If I’m wrong you’ll see the MSM bury or spin these flip-flops but if I’m right then CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Faux etal will be reporting these ‘changes in positions’

    Right now he’s being given enough rope to hang himself. He is such a willing idiot though, isn’t he.

    Rudy will be an easy take down too. Newt, no problem. That leaves who for the power hungry goopers to turn to …. Reasonable, good looking, evironmentally friendly, Teri Schiavo purified, tax cut proven, spanish speaking (hispanic freindly), good old boy safe, one of Mel Martines’ BFFs, not stupid (like you know who), brother JEB.

    This has Carl Rove/Barbara Bush written all over it.

    I could be wrong, we’ll see.

  3. Go Democrats! says:

    I see “someone” erased my posting about how the Democrats will take power despite McCain flip flopping or not.

    Can we smell a “Republican” behind the Discourse mask?

    Must be that Froomkin up to his old tricks again… can’t handle the democratic takeover of Congress, so instead of allowing these postings to be a healthy debate, Froomy deletes any pro-Democratic postings.

    I wonder how long this posting will last once he reads it.

    Awful ain’t it?

  4. Michael says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. No such comment appered on this blog as far as I’m aware.

  5. Go Democrats! says:

    I don’t think McCain is a flip flopper… nor do I believe that any politician is a flip flopper. You have all been duped by Bush’s smear machine campaign chest during the Kerry run for office, into thinking that politicians flip flop. You are all a bunch of puppets.

    All politicians campaign according to what they think will get them enough votes to win, very rarely according to their own beliefs. Bush’s sagging approval rating and pitiful excuse for a President has changed the voting population’s principals and that leaves McCain with two options… either run a campaign on issues that will not give him enough votes to win, or to rhetorically modify his views in order to save face, and secure votes.

    Before anyone speaks on this blog, it may be wise to take a Political Science class first, so you don’t sound like another ignorant American… or another Republican talking out of his… well you get the point.

    Speaking of ignorant people, anyone heard from Bill O’Reilly?

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