Character Counts

Dana Milbank lets the facts do the snarking.

During National Character Counts Week, Bush Stumps for Philanderer: So it has come to this: Nineteen days before the midterm elections, President Bush flew here to champion the reelection of a congressman who last year settled a $5.5 million lawsuit alleging that he beat his mistress during a five-year affair


While representing the good people of the 10th District, the married congressman shacked up in Washington with a Peruvian immigrant more than three decades his junior. During one assignation in 2004, the woman, who says Sherwood was striking her and trying to strangle her, locked herself in a bathroom and called 911; Sherwood told police he was giving her a back rub.

At a time when Republicans are struggling to motivate religious conservatives to go to the polls next month, it is not clear what benefit the White House found in sending Bush to stump for Sherwood — smack dab in the middle of what Bush, in an official proclamation, dubbed “National Character Counts Week.”

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4 Responses to Character Counts

  1. Karen says:

    It’s part of the Bush/Rove perverted sense of Macabre humor and timing. Molly Ivins did a great column a ry while back on how often Bush rolls out legislation undermining stuff on the anniversary date of celebrating the achievement. Like gutting the funding for Head Start Programs during National Education Week. Coincidence?!? I don’t think so!

  2. BroD says:

    This is the idiot who invaded Iraq, ok?

  3. Character doesn’t count. Spin, campaign and the voter’s right to vote for any sleaze that suits them counts. Just for fun I typically inject the “vote the bums out” sentiment before every election. I say for fun because your post is a case in point. Politics makes no exception for sleaze candidates. As a friend recently expressed to me, ‘is it any wonder why others in the world view America the way they do.” Yet I suspect I have convinced no one to “vote the bums out.” No one should get more than two terms in office. I am opposed to legislated term limits. That’s what elections are for but few seem interested to, ok, one more time, “vote the bums out.” Have a nice day. Register and/or vote early and vote often.

  4. anon says:

    Bill Clinton for VP. Children need role models.

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