Tough McCaskill Ad

It looks as if the party that wins two out of three of Missouri, Virginia and Tennessee might have a majority in the Senate.1

Democrats have a tiny, uncertain, lead in Tennessee. Virginia looks leaning GOP, despite everything revealed about the incumbent. So that means the pressure is on in Missouri. Here's one of the hardest-hitting ads I've seen in a long time, starring Michael J. Fox, for Claire McCaskill, running against incumbent Jim Talent.

1 To get a majority the Democrats must pick up six seats. The assumption is that Democrats retain New Jersey & Connecticut (in some form or other), gain in Rhode Island, Ohio, Montana, and Pennsylvania. Of these, Montana and New Jersey seem the least safe bets.

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4 Responses to Tough McCaskill Ad

  1. Shawn says:

    Damn that is a powerful ad. It is so clear how the illness is effecting Michael J. Fox.

    You’ve got it right on the states. Four states (PA,RI,MT,OH) look to go to the Democrats. Allen looks like he’ll hold onto Virginia. Tennessee and Missouri are it. Ford has the momentum in TN, so if I had to bet, I’d say he wins. That leaves Missouri, which is anyone’s guess right now. Both candidates are very strong.

  2. Anono says:

    That is an awfully demagogic ad. The notion that we’re anywhere near a cure for Parkinson’s is risible, and the notion that we need to conduct human experimentation in order to find a cure is completely unsupported.

  3. Joey says:

    Human experimentation? That is an awfully dogmatic view of stem cell research.

  4. Anono says:

    Dogmatic? Try “scientific.” The only reason that anyone wants to do human embryo research in the first place is because it’s human experimentation. No one is raising such a fuss about being able to do embryonic research on chimpanzees.

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