Of Special Interest to UM Students

This news story about a recent legal decision will have a special resonance for many UM law students who, in their first-year “Elements” course, spend a good deal of time pondering the law relating to the ownership of engagement rings post pre-marital breakups.

Judge Rules Fiance Can Keep $40,000 Engagement Ring: A New York judge ruled that a woman who dumped her allegedly cheating fiance can keep her $40,000 engagement ring, reports the New York Post (link unavailable).

Jilted men are normally legally entitled to get their rings back because they’re considered conditional gifts. But Judge Rolando Acosta ruled that because Brian Callahan was still technically married to another woman when he proposed to the Dana Clyburn Parker, he couldn’t get back the 3.41-carat round ideal-cut diamond ring.

“When one of the parties is married, an agreement to marry is void as against public policy,” said the judge.

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  1. DB says:

    Also good for people at UM taking certain professor’s property classes and a great bar exam question (ponder, if he broke into her house intending to take the ring thinking it belonged to him, what crime(s) should he be charged with…)

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