Bob Glushko Has a Blog

Bob Glushko is an original and deep thinker about structured information flows (think XML and its bigger relatives). And he’s smart. But he has a blog anyway. It’s called “Doc or Die” and shared with Tim McGrath.

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  1. Bob Glushko says:

    Michael is correct… yes, i do have a blog. But I have a good excuse. The “Document Engineering” book I wrote finally came out (see for sample chapters etc).

    One unexpected consequence of writing this book was that last semester I was finding it pretty unsatisfying to teach my Document Engineering course at UC Berkeley, because a lecture that would seem synthetic and insightful when the book didn’t exist felt like a rehash of the text now that I had put all those synthetic insights into it. 🙂

    Seriously, it felt pretty cheesy to tell a class of graduate students to read Chapter N, Chapter N+1, … as if I were going through the motions like my junior high school history teacher who taught US History when he was drunk most of the time. We heard “Just read the next chapter and do the questions at the end” every week for the entire year. That’s how it seemed when I taught from my own textbook.

    So I started working hard to find news stories, case studies, demos and other things that complemented the book. My students liked this extra texture and pestered me about turning this sort of thing into a blog, so I finally succumbed to it.

    -Bob Glushko

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